Virtual Office

A virtual office tailored to your business

The location of an office and the reputation of a business are often considered intrinsically linked. If you are looking to expand the reach of your company and increase customer trust, our virtual offices offer a convenient and cost-effective solution. Instead of renting an office in the conventional sense, choosing our virtual alternative provides a prestigious virtual office address for you company, and a dedicated team to manage your calls and mail.

Choose from any of our 3000 locations.

We know that every business has specific office requirements. Rapidutter allows you to choose from many different packages, to ensure your company receives the maximum benefit. A Legal Company Address package provides a business address, telephone answering and mail handling services, along with access to 3000 business lounges and cafés. A Legal Company Address plus package includes all of the benefits of a Legal Company Address plus 5 days of private office use with complementary internet access. We also offer telephone answering and mail handling services separately.