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RAPID INC is your essential online shopping tool. We offer you a stress free, smarter and more enjoyable way to shop. Pick and drag everything you find into neatly organized collections and transform your web browser into the best shopping tool ever. Manage all your shopping from one location and stay on budget. Bring order to your online shopping chaos and save tons of time and money.

Take your online picks to the streets with the RAPID INC mobile app extension and turn your mobile device into a smart street shopping assistant. Use location, distance, time and budget to create the most efficient shopping route for all your RAPID INC.

Did we mention it looks great too?

What problems do we solve?

RAPID INC is the most intuitive solution to search the web for things you’d like to buy. There’s no easier and more time efficient way to pick and organize your favorite things. Dig through all your picks, choose your top items and make a smarter and informed buying decision. We’ll also alert you if an item you picked goes on sale.

Gone are the days where you have to manage multiple user accounts for different sites, networks or lists to manage all your favorite items. With Derbens Service you have the freedom to pick items from any page, drag them into your collections and manage them conveniently from one location.

We’ll save you lots of time and reduce the shopping stress through a streamlined online buying process, which gives you control over your shopping budget. We also bridge between the online and offline shopping worlds enabling you to take your shopping to the streets and find the most efficient shopping route for all your chosen online picks.