Chinese Shopper Service

1. Why would I use Personal Shopper service in China?

You can use our Personal Shopper service whenever you encounter one of these challenges:
(1) China retailers on B2C and C2C websites (,,,,, etc) don’t accept International credit cards, only accept RMB cards;
(2) China retailers who will not accept direct payment by check or wire transfer;
(3) China retailers can’t understand English well and you don’t understand Chinese.
(4) You worry about the Seller’s Repute and the Quality of your order. If you are in overseas, you can not control everything.

2. How does it work?

(1) Find the goods by yourself
You can find the goods on,,,,, or other B2C C2C websites the sellers are in China.
Just tell us the URL that you want to buy and then we do the rest.

(2) We find the goods for you
You just need to tell us what you want to buy, the product specification detail and target price, we will do the rest.

(3) We shop for you
After you submit your request, one of our Personal Shopper experts completes the purchase. We will contact the seller to pay them and ask them ship the goods to us (You or supplier pay the domestic shipping cost). We check the goods after receiving them, if it is normal, we will confirm the payment; if it isn’t good, we will ask for refund or replacement.

(4) The goods arrive and ship to your door
Once the merchandise arrives at our operation center, we will send an order information to you and it will appear in your account. You decide to ship waht – when – where.